broken jars

We are all broken Jars…God works from the inside out mentally, physically and spiritually!



A cracked jar!  I know we have all seen broken jars; however, on Sunday night while at church during worship the Lord put an image in my heart.  There was a large urn sitting on an alter.  At the base of the urn were several cracks, slowly through the cracks liquid was oozing out of the cracked jar.  I saw myself putting band aids all over the jar.  The jar had band-aids on it trying to stop the leaking of the fluid oozing out.  At this point the Lord said I needed to quit trying to fix the leaks on the outside, it is an inside job.  I needed to allow Him to reglaze my insides to quit the oozing of my cracked job. 

There had been so much going on in my life I was truly overwhelmed.  Deanna’s surgery yesterday, homework is abundant and at times question what I…

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